War of Rights maps

Hello Gentlemen,

I have seen that some maps from the War of Rights game are still missing.

I have created a google drive folder, with all map images from this game. Partly these are self made, because there are still no adequate images to find.

It would be really helpful if you could integrate them into your StratSketch project. Here is the link:


In the War of Rights forum this link is also posted.

Thank you very much for your effort. StratSketch is really an excellent tactics tool.

Keep up the good work

Jack Stone


Hi Jack,

Thanks for posting this, I will have to compare it with the images I have for the next version of StratSketch to see if it is anything new (as the next version will have all updated maps for WoR). I don't think I will be able to add them to the current version, so you will have to use the custom image option for now. I am hoping to have the new version done around the end of the year.

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