Add Hell Let Loose Map


I think it would be a good idea to add the maps for the game Hell Let Loose as it is a game that requires a lot of strategy in competition-based events.

I have only just started using this platform and believe it will really benefit the Hell Let Loose community.

Regards, VK

+1 for HLL

The HLL Community is growing; A LOT of Clans are using your tool for the planing. A integrated HLL support would drastically increase the usability for the HLL Clans


I am not sure if the StratSkatch Devs are aware, but the HLL community is using this tool MASSIVELY! As already suggested, an integrated HLL support would drastically increase usability.

Just for an easy start, before HLL maps integration comes, I would suggest opening the possibility to use all WOT icons, independent of what kind of game we are briefing, so that we can easily distinguish assets in the map.

Thank you


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