Ability to upload our own maps and screenshots


Considering that games like star citizen, ark survival, or Arma are so large or games like warthunder that are not included it would be nice to be able to upload our own maps and using the drawing tools on top of them giving us some real time strategy.


This is a good idea but it requires a lot of changes so I do not anticipate developing it for quite some time.

You can do that with a work around. Just use the developer tools of your Google Chrome / Opera or other Chrome based Browsers within a new version. They have a local override feature.

I will make a short guid on how to do that with a example map of Planetside 2.

  1. Create a Briefing. Select a Map wish has simular scale as the on your coustom map. example: I wanna add Amerish from PS2 so i got myself a highres image first (the format dosn't matter as far as i can tell just use a jpg to be sure). I'm gonna use the erangel from PUBG because it's a larg map with 1 to 1 sidelangeht
  2. Open your developer tools.
  3. Go to the Sources tab and select overrides (it may be in the dropdown menu if not used) Image
  4. press the "+ Select folder for overrides" and select a path were you wanna save the costume change. your brwoser will ask for promiessen to acess your path after adding. agree.
  5. go in the "Page" page tab on the Sorces side. Go to "stratsketch.com/map(GameName)/full/"you will finde a imange of the map there: Image
  6. Rightclick and press "Save for overrides". A blue point will apear on the green file symbol of the imange. Image
  7. Drag and trop your map Image on to the preview. Now you overrided the map with your's Image
  8. Refresh the side and use it as you like. Image
  9. Your frinds need to repate steep 2-8 in your briefing, so you all got the same map. The overright is saved permanetly

If your a using a briefing again on a later time, you will need to open the dev tool first and refresh the page. The change will be saved for that map permanently and will be executed as long as the overrides are active. Have Fun and sry for my english hope that helps anway.


Sorry to revive this thread but I cannot sem to get that workaround to work. I have followed the exact instructions and for some reason after refreshing the site, the image just stays the same as the original one.

Can I ask for any help in getting this to work? Thanks!

Actually managed to fix it. Probably something to do with cookies or cache. When I launch it in Browser's Incognito mode, everything works fine.

Sorry for answering on this old topic, but please let users add custom maps...


@Penetrat0r @KontoRobocze @Nehroz

Custom images are now available. Please upload your image somewhere (e.g. imgur) and add the URL when selecting "Custom Image" from the game list.

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