Slides backed up - server crash?


Hello, Heath,

first of all, my regards to you for the Stratsketch which I've been using for years!

The recent issue: nearly 16 hours ago one of my briefing crashed for several seconds and then suddenly some slides in it backed up to its past state. Some slides - to the state of 1 week ago, some slides - to the state of the longer period. All deleted slides during this week - recovered, all newly created within nearly a month - disappeared.

I suppose this might be due to a server problem. Is there any way to fix it, please?


It got even worse: now map on each slide of the briefing is like clean white sheet (see screenshot - Is there a way to turn it back to normal?

P.S. all other briefings are OK, the problem is only with 1 certain one.


Hi, can you try it now? If it is still having problems please send me a link to the briefing.


Thank you, Mr. Magic Doctor, it works fine now!

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