[Bug] [Fixed] Can't draw anymore

Hello, really nice tool and thank you for offering it for free. But unfortunally, I got a bug. I am unable to draw anymore on my sketches. Only tool working is the move and rubber tool. Copying the sketch doesn't seem to help. Thanks for the help


Can you send me a link to one of your briefings?

Thanks for the quick reply; Sure the link is https://stratsketch.com/05UthyZO7xg

Fixed; Thank you again Heath

Hi, since 3 days i can t edit my sketch help me plz


@BlitzVengeur Can you send me a link?



@BlitzVengeur I think it is suffering from the same issue, there is too much in one briefing and it has hit the internal limit. I will try to increase this in the near future but for now you should duplicate the briefing and split up the slides among multiple ones.

ok thx

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