Right Click Not working


Having an issue where I can no longer right click to edit slides or edit icons with the use of RMB.


Hmm, that is strange. I will investigate later today or tomorrow.


Just as a follow up; had other users log in with same inability. I couldn't even give them permissions with the brief locked. When I opened it however, they still had no right click submenus.

Same issue on all browsers I have. Got this error in console log:

Loading failed for the <script> with source “https://stratsketch.com/bundles/app/2.2.02/templates.js”

Should just need to update that URL. Thanks!

P.S. I also can't save changes to strats as well.


@RevODekcuF @AirsoftPro13

The issue should be fixed now. Press CTRL+F5 if you are still having trouble to refresh the cache.


Fixed! Thank you

It's fixed, thank you!

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