Map quit working

Hello, I have been working on a map today off and on. All of a sudden it stopped working with the error "Error: Could not connect to the server. Try again later. Your antivirus or firewall may be preventing your browser from connecting, or our servers may be down." I found it odd that the antivirus would all of a sudden stop the map from loading but i disabled it and reloaded the page with no results. refurring to this forum post I am going to try emailing [email protected] Hope I can get it resolved tonight I was planning on using all that hard work tonight.

guess i should mention i can choose other saved maps just fine and can also create new ones just fine


I am investigating this issue

Edit: I have contacted support for our hosting, but they have not resolved the issue yet.

Ok thanks, I had to remake them, no hurry thanks.



The server this was on experienced a hardware failure, it is now back up.

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