Constant error loading maps

Me and my buddies from all around the world (USA, UK, Egypt, South-Africa, Hungary ect...) are unable to load a single map since a few days. All we can see is a message saying:

Error: Could not connect to the server. Try again later. Your antivirus or firewall may be preventing your browser from connecting, or our servers may be down.

In the developer view of Chrome I see the following:


Any idea when will this issue be fixed?



This map appears to be loading correctly for me. Can you please check it again?

I have the same problem since last tuesday 22. I cant load any map

It is random for every map. Also if I just leave the site there for 10-15 minutes, it loads up. It looks like a massive overload or the side just has no idea where to load the source from.

I am and a number of my friends are having the same issue, could you please manually reset your storage server, that work the last time this happened


I restarted the master server which may fix this issue, please let me know if it worked.

Thank you. Will be able to report back to You tomorrow.

It seems it did not fix the issue. A lot of my friends are still reporting they are unable to join the briefing and still get the same erro message as mentioned above. As a side-note, we were able to fine a few weeks ago.


@Bert Can you send me the links of any affected maps? You can email me [email protected] if needed


This one doesn't even load in for me, and it was made by me.


@Bert I think I have fixed the issue after restarting the affected server. After looking into things some more, the new clan wars campaign is really stressing the current server setup so I will likely need to add more. It looks like as it reaches the peak time it cannot hold any more users.

Thank you, we were guessing the same. :) Well, let's hope you can afford a new server very soon. Wish you the best !

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