Color bar keeps sliding

Hello there!

I am very interested in using this program for my clan but there is a very annoying problem.

No matter what tool I click or any swipes on screen I make, it always moves the color bar. (I’m trying to use black and it keeps moving to white) Like if I’m trying to adjust the text size, which is difficult to move slider, the color bar will move too.

Could you fix this? I’m on IPhone 6



StratSketch was never really designed for mobile, there are a fair amount of issues.

Oh okay. So I can expect problems for a while until it’s fixed?


I am not planning on adding mobile support, there is a lot of UI to display and I figured almost everyone would be using it on desktop

Ah I see. There is a lot of people who play Wot Blitz on mobile devices. People like myself who don’t own a tablet or desktop rely on a phone to do everything.

I hope StratSketch will support mobile in future. Though I could try to find someone in my group who has desktop, finding someone to do the work and put a slideshow together is an entirely different story. StratSketch would of been a perfect program to utilize. Thanks again for the quick responses.



I see your point, I don't think Blitz was very popular when I started developing StratSketch so I never considered it from the beginning. I would like to add mobile support at some point but it will be quite a bit of work so I'm not really sure if it will ever happen with the limited time I have right now.

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