Paris Image Incorrect

There is a Clan Exhibition coming up with the map being Paris. I just brought up the version of Paris currently on StratSketch to start formulating stats and found it is not up to date.

This is the best image I could find of the correct layout:

Paris 9.16

Is there anyway we can get this fixed before the tournament starts on November 3?

Is there also any chance that we'll see the new minimaps uploaded to StratSketch as well? I think it would be a lot easier to accurately mark tank positions if the other maps were as clear as show above on Paris.


Hello Exigaet,

I didn't notice this was outdated as I have not played it since the update. I've been considering using the new maps and I think I should switch to them but my only concern is that they are only 512x512 so the quality will be lower than the current maps as they have to be upscaled (compared to the current maps which are taken from 4k renders provided by WarGaming)

I had an idea of creating my own maps in the same style as the new minimaps but doing so takes a long time so I think that switching to the new maps for now will be the best option.

I should be able to add them within the next few days and see what other players think about the change.

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