Connecting to session...


Cyral, it worked! Thanks so much. I really appreciate you taking the time.

Hello! I have a briefing on the phrase “Connecting to a session”, this briefing is very important for me.

Having same issue

Hello! I also have a problem with 2 very important tactic links … Can you please help me with that. They just dont load, doesnt matter what i do. Those are the two and Thanks for the help.


@NjediG @Heavyshot @0LDKings

Should be fixed. Sorry for the delay, I wasn't receiving notifications

Hi @heath, my stratsketch is having similar issues it keeps connecting to session. Is it related to this isse? Thanks

@heath I am having the same issue with two of my sketches. Here are the links: and

Any chance it's a similar solution? We have a comp match coming up in a couple days and our sketches just froze up on us.

Thanks for looking into it.



I was able to fix it on my end. Does it work for you now?

Yes! Thank you very much. My team is breathing quite the sigh of relief.

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