Connecting to session...


Stuck at this screen trying to connecting to any of my sessions. Cant open anything. Server issue?

Regards, Ursu


The real-time servers (for the briefing page) have been losing connection even though they are all on a private network... Working with our host to resolve these issues, sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not happy with the issues they have been having lately..

Thanks Cyral,

Just wanted to know if the issue was on my side. Cheers and good luck


It should be resolved, sorry the such a long downtime I am not happy at all at our provider...

I can see all of my strats except 1, it says connecting to session and as far as I can tell it is the only one.


@A_Bullet Can you give me the link so I can look at it?


@A_Bullet Fixed :)

Thank you sir

Connecting to Session issue seem to be back...


Looking into it now.

It appears this issue has resurfaced, as I have a few sessions of my own that I cannot open. Is this something that needs repair on an individual basis?

For now the one I am most concerned with is this:

Please advise. And thank you!


@Bull_Monkey_71 Thank you for letting me know. It looks like if there is any communication issues with our storage server, a briefing can be "stuck" in a loading state until I manually restart the messed up server. I'll try to implement something soon to fix this. Something like retrying if the briefing takes longer than 15 seconds to load.

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