Updated WoTB Map Vineyards

Hello Stratsketch Admins, I am messaging because the Vineyards map in World of Tanks Blitz was updated but unfortunately the old version of the map is still displayed under Vineyards in Stratsketch. Below I have attached the updated map pic and also the link to the WoTB Official Forum that displays all minimaps including the updated Vineyards.

If you guys would be able to update the map that would be much appreciated, love the website :)

WoTB Forum Minimap Thread

Direct Vineyards Image Link

P.S. Other users have mentioned it, but in case you have not seen, there seems to be an issue when saving updates to previous strat sketches. (i.e. I made a stratsketch with many strats for many different maps, but when I came back several days later and added new strats and updated the older strats, none of my changes were saved, even though I saved several times) If your team could expedite a fix that would be very much appreciated :)



Thanks for the link, I didn't know that forum page existed.

I updated the Vineyard map. It may take a couple hours to be live unless you clear your cache.

I also think I have fixed the saving issue, but please send me a briefing link if it happens again.

Awesome thank you very much!

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