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First my clan and I would like to compliment you on a really terrific program. Thank you..!!

How do I give access to my other clan officers and battle callers where they can come in and make changes with out me having to be there? Do I have to have each one individually enter the briefing while I'm present to give them access to the tools? Is there an area where others have published their own strategies with the links?

I think you do great work...keep it up..!! Battleback - E.O. - War Wolves (ROLF)



Thank you for the feedback! You do have to give each user permissions while they are inside the briefing. I've wanted to add some sort of clan tools, or like a shared folder for briefings but it is a lot of work.

Thank you Heath. I'm beginning to understand "it is a lot of work" now as well. Also was there a place to view other players' public briefing links?


@Battleback No, you have to keep track of them yourself. I know some clans use a shared Google doc to keep a list of them.

I see. Thank you Heath...have a Merry Christmas from the War Wolves..!! Battleback

Post deleted.

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