StratSketch Translations (Help needed!)


@Ventoroverso Thanks a lot! It is now live so let me know if you see any issues. Activated your supporter rewards by the way :)


Hello Cyral,

I have made some little corrections.

What rewards do you speak? Can you explain me please?



@Ventoroverso I've updated the language file, thanks. One question, is the menu for "About" correct? You changed it to "StratSketch".

The rewards are the same stuff donators get, more briefings/favorites, icon next to their name, and a button to screenshot a briefing.


Thanks for rewards.

In Italian "about" is correctly translated with "riguardo a StratSketch" but in the main menu appears only "riguardo" that makes no sense by itself. So I decide to translate with StratSketch that sounds more correct alone.

You can also use the term "Sviluppo" as the history of the program development.


I can translate to Slovak and Czech (not too accurately but 95%) WoT:tomasgit gmail:[email protected]

Post deleted.

I can translate to Romanian. Email: [email protected] Wot PS4: Andreiwasd


@Andreiwasd I've sent you an email with instructions :)

Hi. I can help you complete the missing items in the Polish translation.


@cwk2k8 Hello and thank you, email me or reply to this thread with whatever you can do.

I can translate to Simplified Chinese

Email:[email protected]

WOT: Bamboo_Red (EU server)

Hi. I can help with translating into Polish. email: [email protected] nick from WoT: Everaz (Eu)

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