StratSketch Translations (Help needed!)


Hey everyone! With the new translation support in the web version I am looking for users willing to help translate StratSketch to other languages.

If you want to help translate, please email me at [email protected]. Send me your username and what language(s) you can translate. Alternatively you can reply below with the language(s) you can translate and I will email you the details.

I will provide you with the needed translations and give you a link to the documents where you and other translators can each work on a section. I will also show you some pictures of StratSketch that will help in understanding the context of the various texts to be translated.

There are very few large sections to be translated, most parts of the application are very small, for example:

"Create Briefing" or "Edit Text"

All significant translators will receive the donation rewards that people who donate do, because this is a huge help!

So far the Polish translation took a little over an hour to do so with a few people doing each translation it shouldn't take much time and will be highly beneficial to speakers of these languages.

Reply to this thread with any questions before emailing me.


e mail : wot : MorinQc [QCA] commander Quebec Company Assault

I can Translate German.

Email: { WoT: Captain_Chandler]

I can translate to Russian


WoT - Arixer [PUPEH]

I can translate to Hungarian.


WoT: Vadkorte [MFL] Executive officer


I can translate to Portuguese (Portugal).


@Jdinis8 Thanks, sent you an email with details.

I can Traditional Chinese

WOT:Harc [-AW-]

I would like to translate into Dutch :-)

I can translate to Dutch as well. Possibly side by side with MrLadidaGunner_Graham (Same clan)


Awesome, I'll contact you in a few days with more information.

You do have our mailadresses? As we are registered user's.


@Red_White_Blue Yes, I'll send you both an email to the email your account is associated with.

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