My briefing is stuck infinitely connecting to session.

Nothing I have tried is letting me connect to my briefing.



Please try now

Fixed ty

Same issue for me, it's been an on and off issue for approx 2 weeks now.

One of my strats is doing the same thing, and when I try to select it from the list, it's greyed out. is the one that I can't open.


Working on fixing it


@Darcimus @Mavvy

Our server host is having some storage issues which is making briefings take forever to load right now

Is there anything I can do on my end to help it? Would deleting old briefings help?


@Mavvy No, it was an issue with all briefings that was causing them to randomly not load or save. Our server host has fixed the issue for now but briefings created during the outage may be lost.

New version of StratSketch is almost ready and I hope to have it out within the next month or so, it will be vastly improved.

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