Community Rules

Welcome to our community forums! Please keep in mind a few simple rules and guidelines before posting:

By using these forums, you agree to abide by these rules (and any future variants) and acknowledge that administrators and moderators reserve the right to issue warnings and ban users for not following these rules. Note: the rules are subject to change at any time without any notice.

  • Post content should be of substance; remember: quality over quantity.
  • Keep content appropriate for users of all ages.
  • Be nice to people; be courteous to other users, and not post material that is offensive to any race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or anything of an offensive nature.
  • Post in the appropriate sub-forum and follow each sub-forum's individual rules, if applicable.
  • Type in a coherent manner and always speak in the language of the original post.
  • Gravedigging/Necroposting (Bumping a very old topic), and quoting the original post should only be done when necessary.
  • Only post legal content, and follow standard copyright laws when posting art and media you don't own.
  • Do not spam the forums with links, advertisements, or random messages.
  • Be who you say you are; do not impersonate others, especially those of authority.

Remember, these rules are standard guidelines, and while not everything is covered, you should use common sense and think before you post.

Breaking any of the above rules may result in a warning or ban.

Enjoy the community!