Hello, World!

Hello! I'm Kentiya, a 17 year old boy from Ohio. I love to design things, and I'm especially good at seeing how things can be improved. I also really like playing and making games.

I found Zarknorth in late spring of 2013, and I helped make a few graphics. I did a really bad job at that. :P Soon after that I found SoulCraft, and I've been an active player on there since. In the current survival world, I'm basically leading everything like roads, towns, etc.

I'm currently working on a 2D racing, shooting, and sandbox game with my brother. I'm also going to be helping with the graphics in Bricklayer.

I have a website, Kentiya.com, but it is currently using a pre-made theme while I'm working on my own theme.

See ya around!

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