Hey, I'm Neonwulf :3

Hey. I'm Neonwulf.

I'm a gamer. That's an understatement, actually...I'm obsessed with games, and I try to be good at them. I play a lot of different kinds of games from shooters to sandbox to roguelike, and favorite game is...I really don't know, I play too many. :P

I'm also (or try to be) a programmer and really only code stuff for fun. Nothing serious, since that would require dedication, and I'm (usually) too lazy for that. The first real "developed" program I coded was actually a mod for Minecraft in the forge API. It started out nicely—I had coded some ores successfully, and even made them generate into the world naturally...until I tried to add a mob, and everything fell apart. I never messed with forge again, although maybe one day I will return to it.

I'm possibly free to play multiplayer, and I can host some Hamachi networks. Multiplayers games I play are Starbound, Minecraft, TF2, and possibly others, but I don't remember. Just send me a message on Steam, my username is the same—Neonwulf. Feel free to send a friend request!

Well, props to Pyratron for this amazing forum, and



Hey Neonwulf, thanks for joining!


Welcome to the forums, thanks for joining us. :)

Welcome! Thanks for joining us.

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