General Suggestions

Feel free to add to or give your thoughts on any suggestion on this thread!

This thread is for general, smaller suggestions to tweak, like "increase the duel limit", etc. Just leave a reply to this thread, make sure to try to keep your suggestion in one post to prevent a long chain of talking about every element of the suggestion.

Have a good day, and go duel your friends!

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Suggestion -- Players can choose the duel frag limit

Players can choose from different amount of frags, however the two players have to agree. Max would probably be 20.

EDIT: Maybe a limited selection instead of 5->20 would work best, so like 5, 10, 15, and 20.

Suggestion -- Time limit for duels

To prevent griefing. If the suggestion above works out, the time limit could be based on frag limit, so 5 frags could be 3:00, 10 could be 5:00, etc.

Suggestion -- Random class select

Ability to choose a random class

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