Backpack Bugs and a Dueling Bug

Stuff that cannot be seen in your backpack

-Painted hats

-Hats or Weapons that cannot be used in crafting (This one is important, lets say I have a non-craftable Texas Ten Gallon which is worth 1.66 ref. The hat has no indication that it is non-craftable and looks like a regular Texas Ten Gallon which is worth 2 ref.)

-Skinned weapons have no wear, (Battle-Scarred, Factory New, Etc.)

-Strange weapons have no visual appearance of being strange, but have it in the name

-Duel Minigames have no visual uses, (You can't see how many uses are left.)

An engineer with a rescue ranger could place his sentry down at the other dueler's spawn, when one of them dies the sentry would remain, giving the engie an instant win


-If you spam join classes at random, the clock will instantly go down and lock at zero for a little bit. If you do this too much one person will get an error message saying "You are not part of this Duel," while the other person is stuck in a black box.

Video of the clock going down and locking at 0 seconds for a while -

Clock Locking at 0

The lobby said I was still in the server while I closed TF2. This means somebody could just sit in that lobby and never let anyone else play.


Thanks for reporting this.

I did some fixing on the major bug this past week and it should be fixed for the most part. Test it out and tell me if the problem still persists.

For backpack I added colored outlines indicating item types. (Strange, Collectors, etc) and shows whether an item is craftable. Still currently working on the other features.

Currently working on the sentry bug right now as well.

I don't know if you really could fix this one, but joining a lobby and closing the tab still leaves you in the lobby. You could also sign out while in a lobby and still remain in it.


Thanks for reporting this. Going to be adding a timer so it kicks the dueler if it stays idle in a lobby longer than five minutes.

me and my friend are stuck in a duel. the points aren't being displayed and we can't just both leave and move to a different lobby. we're in lobby 3 snakewater

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