StratSketch Web - Progress Update #2


Thanks @Merkir, it means a lot to hear good things about StratSketch!


Hi ! So you think the beta web version will be available for the middle of April ?


@Chbrams That's what I'm aiming for.


Nice ! Thanks for your work ;)

Could I be added for the beta test as I am part of an active competitive clan and I would appreciate having access to this on the web, I be glad to email and send all bugs your way. My clan is ETC or Elite Tank commanders on the xbox one.

Will the web version and app version work with each other? Or will they be separate things that don't work together?

Also, how could I apply for the Beta?


@Shadowy_Ninja They will be separate. I'm thinking about an open beta but I will make sure to let anyone interested know when it begins.

I'm a caller and I play on Linux, but I didn't have any luck running Stratsketch in Wine. I would be very interested in getting into the beta, should there be one.

We have a clan w/ 2 Macs.. Our caller has his tactics in StratSketch, we can't wait to see this!

Hi, I play Wot on Linux, and would be interested in joining the beta.


Closing this topic so future posts can be made in the more recent post for StratSketch web.

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