StratSketch Web - Progress Update #1


As most of you know, development on the new web-based version of StratSketch has started. I wanted to give everyone a quick update on how this is coming and answer some questions.

As of today (Jan. 16th) I've gotten most of the website done in terms of the user interface, and am working on getting the functionality of the application implemented.

When will StratSketch Web be available? I'm hoping to finish the majority of the new version by late March. When it is in a use-able state I will begin allowing some people to test it, and gradually move into open beta, and hopefully release it for everyone by the end of April.

Will there be any updates to StratSketch Desktop? Unfortunately no, I don't have time to work on the desktop version, and it is very complicated pushing updates to thousands of users, so I will not be updating the desktop version for now.

Where can I suggest features? I've received a ton of feedback on the StratSketch survey, so go ahead and take it if you haven't already! These bits of feedback will be used to help me decide what to do different or what to do the same.

As StratSketch is expanding I am planning on adding more servers to reduce lag and prevent a crash from taking everything offline, any donations will be greatly appreciated and give you some small rewards in return for helping me pay for the hosting costs!

I am very excited about StratSketch for web and will continue posting updates as it comes closer to release. For now, here is a screenshot of what the homepage looks like :)

StratSketch Homepage Screenshot of Homepage

Can people volunteer to help with the Beta test? I have many years of trying to stress test and giving feedback on the alpha level version of Firefox (don't blame me for the new features and changes, I tried to discourage a lot of them), I have also done active testing of both commercial games and ones being made by friends.


@Guest109 Thanks for taking interest in the beta. I'm not sure how I'll do it yet but I'll probably be allowing some of the clans that most actively use StratSketch to try it out and provide feedback. It sounds like you could help so I'll add you to a list and contact you via your account's email when it gets closer to being ready.

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