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Hello everyone! Over the past few months StratSketch has grown tremendously. You’ve given me some great feedback and made it clear that having a web version of StratSketch would be more convenient and allow your clan to adopt StratSketch more. I’ve been learning some newer web technologies to create our new company website that was just rolled out yesterday, and have decided that making a web based version of StratSketch is something I can do now.

The new version of StratSketch will be completely web based, and will feature other games besides just World of Tanks. I will be adding Armored Warfare maps, and WoWP and WoWS maps when clan based battles are added to those games.

I’d also like to be able to host multiple servers in different locations, so players outside of North America will have less lag, as well as linking them together so you can choose which is fastest for you, and to distribute the load in case of any server issues.

I've been debating on whether to use an account system like we have currently, or use WarGaming Authentication to log you in. (Like XVM) I think I am going to go with the account system, because other games like AW don't have their own way of logging in that I can use. I do however, want to integrate clans into the next version of StratSketch, so that you can share briefings with your entire clan, and if someone leaves the clan, they will no longer have access to it. In order to see who is in what clan, I will make a way to link your StratSketch/Pyratron account with your WarGaming account. (Similar to how WoTLabs does it.)

My first goal however is going to be making sure most, if not all, of the features in StratSketch Desktop are available in StratSketch Web, then I will consider adding some new features such as the clans feature mentioned above.


I'm looking for a bit of feedback about the current StratSketch version as well as your thoughts on StratSketch for the Web. If you could, answer any questions you want on this survey:

Moving Forward

This is going to be a huge project, although I have a ton of ideas and some prototypes, it will be at least a few months before I can release an alpha or beta version, and probably six months before it is completely polished. I will try and post regular progress updates to let you know how the project is moving along.

Thanks to everyone who has helped provide feedback along the way, I'm super excited for this project and I hope you are too!

Edit: I also fixed the issue where the briefing list would take a few seconds to load. Let me know if you are still having problems.

Just saying hello Cyral Its wapos


@Wapos Hey man :)

@Cyral please make tutorial videos and how can we use this program!!! For now i think the roughly 30 sec before wont be enough for me to draw a new s*it everytime... please explain EVERYTHING!!! Regards: fox107


@fox107 Stratsketch is designed for strategy planning (for clan wars), not the 30 seconds leading in to battle. Here are some tips that may help you with some of the advanced features however.

Hi Cyral,

First of all it is a super tool for wot! I found it last week, and i really enjoy to use StartSkech. Thx for developing! But sometimes the deleted lines, shapes apear again. Regards, atom

One the features I have to 'relearn' every time I use Stratsketch is creating the fork utility. I see the multiple slide feature as useful but difficult to implement. There have been several occasions where I open a briefing and some of my people are looking at the wrong slide. This would not be a problem if we discovered this before we went into a battle :)

I was wondering what the ETA of the web based version of stratsketch could be expected. I play on a Mac (no hate plz) so I am unable to use the desktop version.


@atombors I thought I fixed this bug but it appears it still happens... Will look into it.

@ARplaybook Select "Presentation Mode" and switch to the slide, this should set everyone to it.

@Shadowy_Ninja I'm thinking around April if everything goes to plan.

@cyral that wouldn't be too bad for the web version, but sooner is always better.

Awesome job man. If I was not poor I would try to support you guys that way but trust me when I say I am spreading the word. :)

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