New Website!


Hi everyone, today we are rolling out our new website and forums!

We have moved away from our old, sluggish website, and created a brand new site using modern technologies. There are a few features of the forums that are not completed yet, however everything is functional and your old accounts still work.

The new site has some new features such as notifications, and a true unified experience (as opposed to having to login on the site and forums separately.) We've added a documentation section that will allow users to write tutorials for developing plugins for our upcoming game, Bricklayer, as well as a simple API that will make it easy to display details such as your avatar in game.

By using a website we developed instead of an existing content management system, we have a lot more control of how the site works, and will make it much easier to add features in the future, such as the plug-in hub for Bricklayer that will allow you to upload and search for mods.

Let us know what you think and if you find any issues!


Woo! Sites looking good. :)

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