Duel.TF - Advertising Day and Upcoming Features


Hey everyone, I'd like to start off by saying thanks to everyone who's played and supported Duel.TF so far, I'm glad people are enjoying it. :) One big issue though that I think we can all agree on is the lack of players active on the site. The issue with a site like Duel.TF is that it requires an existing playerbase to really keep people on. If someone comes on and they notice no one's already in a lobby, they'll suspect the site's dead and leave...which is why getting that initial playerbase can be a challenge.

For a possible solution, I'd like to hold an Advertising Day.

Advertising Day

The goal is to have people already in lobbies ready to play when new players come on. Each person takes one lobby, and waits for a new player to join it. It's pretty simple, basically just using on Duel.TF like you usually would. When the time of the event begins, expect new people to come on. Invite your friends and others as well to come on during this time!

There is currently no planned date, and to get a good idea of what day would be good to have this on, please answer the poll here. The event will start at 3 PM (May change, but will be around that time)

We will also be holding a raffle on the day of the event containing keys and possibly other items.

Anyone who attends advertising day will receive a badge on their Duel.TF profile page. To receive the page you must:

  • Be registered on Duel.TF before the day of the event
  • Participate in atleast 1 duel on the day of the event

We are also currently looking for someone to create art for the badge, so if you are interested, reply to this thread with an example image of an idea for the badge. Should be:

  • Dimensions: 60x60
  • Can be anything that you think represents Advertising day

When decided, the date will be posted on our Twitter, Steam Group, and Discord channel.

Upcoming Features

In other news, we have some features that you can expect in the upcoming weeks:

  • A detailed log on profile pages containing past duels
  • Comment box on profile pages
  • A way to create a customized lobby, allowing you to decide what weapons, classes, and other settings are allowed.
  • Rank system (Coming a bit later than the other features, but still in the works)

There's some ideas floating in the air as well that I would like to do one day, but don't have any plans yet. Thought I would just post them though to see what you guys think, and if you have ideas as well, please post them! :)

  • Scheduled Tournaments
  • Guilds or some type of group system

That's about it. Thanks for the reading and happy dueling!

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