News and Updates.

StratSketch Update 2.7

Our first post-release update will address a few new features that have been commonly asked for! Yes, this update is 2.7 instead of 2.6, there are reasons for this because of compatibility between testing versions and an issue with our update system.

  • Added grid numbers/letters on the map and inside sector pings.
  • The map can now be zoomed in with the scrollwheel up to 2x.
  • When zoomed in, maps are now 1024x1024 instead of 512x512, for better quality.
  • A few minor bugs have been fixed.

If you have any suggestions, check out the StratSketch thread on the World of Tanks forums. Enjoy!

StratSketch Update 2.5

Today we will be finishing our beta test and releasing the first stable version of StratSketch. A number of improvements have been made:

  • The creator of a briefing may now easily clear the items from the map.
  • A demo mode has been added for guest users, allowing for guests to quickly try out map features.
  • Fixed text and tank alignment issues and gave them a better style when moving them.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of out-of-sync items on the map. The /sync command can be used to synchronize the map with the server if an error occurs.
  • Fixed issue with small ping markers and trackers not being removed properly.
  • Added a username to trackers so users can see who is using them.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

Thanks to everyone who helped test! If you know any World of Tanks clans or groups that may be interested in using StratSketch, please let them know!

Update: A small patch has been uploaded to fix a minor bug that allowed favoriting of temporary demo briefings and incorrect map spawns after changing the map.

StratSketch Update 2.4

We have discovered a few minor issues during our initial testing that will be released in a small update today.

  • StratSketch now displays properly on smaller laptop screens.
  • Lines and paths do not get "stuck" if you drag your cursor out of the window.
  • Line endpoints are easier to grab and move.
  • Text and tank entities are no longer misaligned after rejoining.
  • The spacing around chat messages has been reduced.
  • Text on tank icons has been compacted.
  • Users can now exit the welcome dialog if they choose to register
  • The glitch has been fixed that caused users to join the wrong session from their briefing list.

If any more issues are found within the next week, another update will be pushed before StratSketch exits beta testing.

StratSketch for World of Tanks - Public Beta!

Today we will start our public beta test of StratSketch as we test if over the next couple of weeks and gradually start advertising. We have completed StratSketch and fixed the most obvious bugs, but it will require a round of public testing to get everything completely stable.

How do I help?

The download of version 0.2.3 has been posted on the StratSketch page.

Once downloaded, you may sign in as a guest, or create an account for extra features which will also need testing. While you are using StratSketch, be on the lookout for any bugs or errors. If you find a bug, please report it to [email protected]! (Until we get the forums up)

After a week or two of testing, depending on how things go, we will release a stable version of StratSketch (Probably near the 9.7 WoT update) that will be ready to use for your clan!

Thanks to everyone who supported development, it's finally here!

EDIT: Some users have experienced problems with Antivirus applications interfering with setup, if this is the case, please temporarily disable your AV until StratSketch becomes trusted among major vendors.

StratSketch Development Update

For all newcomers, welcome! StratSketch is an application for the popular game, World of Tanks. It enables teams to communicate better by creating map strategies, in real time, using the tools provided. StratSketch was born as an internal tool when our clan was tired of other buggy and inconvenient tools, but will be completed and released to everyone!

For others coming from our clan website, there have been many improvements to StratSketch since the last development update. This post will outline the new features and what is to come. (StratSketch is about 90% complete!)


  • All tools implemented. (With multi-user support)
  • A guest system has been designed so guests can easily join without an account. (Although required to save and favorite briefings)
  • A chat system, supporting markdown formatting, has been completed.
  • A status bar showing the current room ID and allowing it to be copied has been added.
  • New maps their minimaps have been added.
  • Spawn points have been implemented.
  • The application now has a bit more “responsive” design, where it will dynamically resize to show different details depending on the screen resolution.
  • Overall, the visual experience has been made more consistent, animations have been added, performance has increased greatly, and many smaller features have been added.

What’s Next?

StratSketch is now 90% complete, only a few more features remain:

  • User permission system, allowing the room owner to assign ranks to others so they can edit.
  • Saving/loading of map data. (Somewhat implemented)
  • Security and performance testing and fixes. (Which will lead into beta testing)
  • Server upgrade!




That's it for now, stay tuned for further updates and the opening of our public beta!

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