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StratSketch Update 2.9

Today I am releasing the StratSketch update for World of Tanks 9.8. I've have added quite a few useful features as well as updated the maps to the latest versions.


  • Added a grayscale color slider.
  • Made multiple tanks count towards the total using the syntax of "#x", which will add # of tanks to the total.
  • Added arrows to the pen tool, as well as "stoppers" to both the line and pen tools. (Indicating the tanks should stop)
  • Added the ability for map owners to kick users from their briefings.
  • Added the ability for maps to be hidden to regular viewers by the map owner and helpers.
  • Implemented an auto-reconnect. If a user becomes disconnected from a (saved) briefing, the client will try to reconnect automatically.
  • Made text a bit easier to read. (Use the note or label styles for best legibility.)
  • Made the select tool auto-select after placing text, making it easier to move it. The textbox is now cleared after placing as well.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs and issues.

If you have any suggestions or comments, check out the StratSketch thread on the World of Tanks forums. Enjoy!

StratSketch Update 2.8

The latest update for StratSketch provides a major useful feature that allows it to scale to screen sizes. This means you will no longer have a small map on a large screen, instead you will see it in nearly fullscreen! A new tool, the shape tool has been added, which allows you to create polygonal shapes and regions.


  • Added scaling to make application (nearly) fullscreen on larger monitors.
  • Added Overlord map.
  • Added the shape tool for creating shaded regions.
  • Move chat to the sidebar to allow for a larger map interface.
  • Many bug fixes and enhancements. This update brings a new coordinate system to allow for scaling across devices. All maps must be converted to this new format, and will be automatically. Certain items such as text and icons may not be in their exact positions or sizes, and may need to be moved.

If you have any suggestions or comments, check out the StratSketch thread on the World of Tanks forums. Enjoy!

StratSketch Update 2.7

Our first post-release update will address a few new features that have been commonly asked for! Yes, this update is 2.7 instead of 2.6, there are reasons for this because of compatibility between testing versions and an issue with our update system.

  • Added grid numbers/letters on the map and inside sector pings.
  • The map can now be zoomed in with the scrollwheel up to 2x.
  • When zoomed in, maps are now 1024x1024 instead of 512x512, for better quality.
  • A few minor bugs have been fixed.

If you have any suggestions, check out the StratSketch thread on the World of Tanks forums. Enjoy!

StratSketch Update 2.5

Today we will be finishing our beta test and releasing the first stable version of StratSketch. A number of improvements have been made:

  • The creator of a briefing may now easily clear the items from the map.
  • A demo mode has been added for guest users, allowing for guests to quickly try out map features.
  • Fixed text and tank alignment issues and gave them a better style when moving them.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of out-of-sync items on the map. The /sync command can be used to synchronize the map with the server if an error occurs.
  • Fixed issue with small ping markers and trackers not being removed properly.
  • Added a username to trackers so users can see who is using them.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

Thanks to everyone who helped test! If you know any World of Tanks clans or groups that may be interested in using StratSketch, please let them know!

Update: A small patch has been uploaded to fix a minor bug that allowed favoriting of temporary demo briefings and incorrect map spawns after changing the map.

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