StratSketch Tips

StratSketch has gone through a lot of updates lately, many of which have added small but useful features that have been requested. In this tutorial, I'll show you some of the hidden features you may not know about.

Transferring all users to a new briefing:

Transfer all users If you are showing your clan a strategy and want to move to a new map, it can take a while for everyone to copy and paste the ID and join a new briefing. In the latest update, a checkbox has been added to the join/create windows that allow you to transfer all users in your current briefing to a new briefing. Note that this option is only available to the creator or editors of a briefing, and at least two users must be in the briefing for it to be present.

Formatting text:

Markdown Text can be formatted using a simple variation of markdown. Using the characters *, _, and ~, text can be made bold, italicized, or underlined.
Markdown can also be used in chat. In chat, you can also paste briefing IDs that become clickable links.

Tank multipliers:

Tanks By typing a number and then "x" in the tank name field, that number will be added to the total tank count.

Copying a briefing or slide:

Tanks This feature may already be well known to some, however it is a bit hidden if you have never clicked it. The icon with a path splitting into two, next to the edit icon, allows you to create a copy of a briefing. You can do the same for a slide by right clicking on it. With a copy of the briefing or slide, you can create alternate plans without affecting the old version.

Protecting a briefing:

Protection To prevent users from creating a copy or favoriting a briefing for later use, the creator of a briefing can enable protected mode.