StratSketch Update 2.5

Today we will be finishing our beta test and releasing the first stable version of StratSketch. A number of improvements have been made:

  • The creator of a briefing may now easily clear the items from the map.
  • A demo mode has been added for guest users, allowing for guests to quickly try out map features.
  • Fixed text and tank alignment issues and gave them a better style when moving them.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of out-of-sync items on the map. The /sync command can be used to synchronize the map with the server if an error occurs.
  • Fixed issue with small ping markers and trackers not being removed properly.
  • Added a username to trackers so users can see who is using them.
  • Many other small fixes and improvements.

Thanks to everyone who helped test! If you know any World of Tanks clans or groups that may be interested in using StratSketch, please let them know!

Update: A small patch has been uploaded to fix a minor bug that allowed favoriting of temporary demo briefings and incorrect map spawns after changing the map.