StratSketch for World of Tanks - Public Beta!

Today we will start our public beta test of StratSketch as we test if over the next couple of weeks and gradually start advertising. We have completed StratSketch and fixed the most obvious bugs, but it will require a round of public testing to get everything completely stable.

How do I help?

The download of version 0.2.3 has been posted on the StratSketch page.

Once downloaded, you may sign in as a guest, or create an account for extra features which will also need testing. While you are using StratSketch, be on the lookout for any bugs or errors. If you find a bug, please report it to [email protected]! (Until we get the forums up)

After a week or two of testing, depending on how things go, we will release a stable version of StratSketch (Probably near the 9.7 WoT update) that will be ready to use for your clan!

Thanks to everyone who supported development, it's finally here!

EDIT: Some users have experienced problems with Antivirus applications interfering with setup, if this is the case, please temporarily disable your AV until StratSketch becomes trusted among major vendors.