StratSketch Update 2.9

Today I am releasing the StratSketch update for World of Tanks 9.8. I've have added quite a few useful features as well as updated the maps to the latest versions.


  • Added a grayscale color slider.
  • Made multiple tanks count towards the total using the syntax of "#x", which will add # of tanks to the total.
  • Added arrows to the pen tool, as well as "stoppers" to both the line and pen tools. (Indicating the tanks should stop)
  • Added the ability for map owners to kick users from their briefings.
  • Added the ability for maps to be hidden to regular viewers by the map owner and helpers.
  • Implemented an auto-reconnect. If a user becomes disconnected from a (saved) briefing, the client will try to reconnect automatically.
  • Made text a bit easier to read. (Use the note or label styles for best legibility.)
  • Made the select tool auto-select after placing text, making it easier to move it. The textbox is now cleared after placing as well.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs and issues.

If you have any suggestions or comments, check out the StratSketch thread on the World of Tanks forums. Enjoy!