StratSketch v4 Final Development Update

Hi everyone,

The new and improved version of StratSketch is just about ready. I definitely underestimated how much time the final 10% would end up taking, and I ended up thinking of some new features that prolonged the development, but it will be worth it....

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StratSketch v4 Development Update

Hi everyone,

The next version of StratSketch is now about 85% done! This has taken a bit longer than I was hoping, but it is a side project (for now) and I'm only able to work on it during my spare time.

So far almost every feature from the existing version of StratSketch has been rebuilt from the ground up with more modern technology and performance in mind. In addition to that, I have added many new features that the community has been asking for over the years. Only one...

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StratSketch v4 In Development

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that I am working on a new version of StratSketch to be released later this year! Believe it or not I initially started this project back when I was in high school and I have learned a ton about software development since then. I am not sure if any users from back then are still around, but StratSketch used to be a desktop application for Windows PCs which was re-built into a web application in 2016. A lot has changed since then and it is certainly time for a revamp of StratSketch.

The new version will also be web-based but will be entirely re-written with modern technology and will include some highly requested features that the community has wanted over the years.

Here are some ideas I have for the next version:

  • Some kind of clan integration allowing you to share strats with your entire clan
  • More real-time tools. Meaning when drawing or moving items, everyone will see what you are doing in real-time rather than only updating the screen after your action is completed.
  • Folders! We need a way to organize strats better.
  • Better slides feature, possibly show previews of each slide and allow them to all have different maps.
  • More games (including ability to upload custom images as maps)
  • Better performance during peak times. There have been some crashing issues during clan wars in the past. I will make sure to focus on proper scalability for the next...
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StratSketch Custom Maps

StratSketch now has support for custom maps! When creating a briefing, select "Custom Image" for the game and set the image URL. (Note that the image must be uploaded elsewhere)

StratSketch EU Servers

A new server located in Paris has been added to handle the increased load. EU players should no longer be experiencing issues.

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